Street Photography

Three white apartment buildings and one orange street lamp during blue hour
View of a road and hill leading into Downtown Willoughby during an orange sunset
A couple holding hands crossing the street framed with the American flag and blue pickup truck in the foreground and various cars and a few trees in the background
A couple wearing helmets sitting on a motorcycle stopped infront of a restaurant's storefront in Downtown Willoughby
An older brown car in front of a brick wall with orange and brown fall leaves on the ground, framed by green leaves in the foreground
Candid portrait of a woman sitting in the window of a café storefront in Downtown Willoughby. Words and refelctsions are across the window as the woman makes eye contact with the camera
A side view of Kleifield's restaurant painting on the side of a brick wall in Downtown Willoughby during sunset. There are newsstands and a stop sign in front of the wall and a sign for the restaurant is on the corner of the building
Man in leather jacket sitting on a still motorcycle while texting in Downtown Willoughby while people cross the street behind him
Close up of the drivers side of a white semi-truck cab with black and gold lettering for a Willoughby towing company
Three black and teal-ish motorcycles parked in front of a clothing shop storefront with dimmed orange lights and mannequins in the windows
Seating for a restaurant in Downtown Willoughby with two chrome chairs and a wooden table surrounded by potted flowers with a chalk board menu sign in the background