COVID-19 Info

To protect you, me, our families, friends, and strangers here are my requirements and other information for photo sessions during the pandemic. This applies to anyone attending the session including but not limited to you, me, and any photo assistants.

  • Must have temperatures checked prior to the shoot

  • Masks must be worn correctly (and photos without masks can only be taken if social distancing is possible)

  • Social distancing must be practiced at all times when possible

  • Everyone involved in the shoot has the right to cancel or reschedule the shoot due to COVID

  • In the case that anyone is unwilling to wear masks or practice safe behavior the session will end promptly without refund for work already completed

  • Please inform me if you have come into contact with anyone exhibiting signs of or with COVID, have had a COVID test, and other relevant information

While rules and regulations aren't fun, this is the best way for me to ensure the safety of everyone involved in your photo as well as others.